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Our Team

Michael Myatt Executive Director Ext: 12
Joseph Bethony General Counsel Ext: 26
Donna Peirce Director of Human Resources Ext: 18
Charles Lever IV IT & Marketing Manager Ext: 24
Angela McCluskey Administrative Manager Ext: 48
Chelsea Robertson Administrative Assistant Ext: 11
Property Management
Melissa Rhodes Senior Property Manager Ext: 43
Joe Knox Property Manager Ext: 13
Jennifer Eldridge Property Management Assistant Ext: 22
Alexis Dunham Property Management Assistant Ext: 46
Susan D'Alessandro Property Management Assistant Ext: 16
G Sawtelle Property Management Assistant Ext: 42
Jennifer Vanidestine Leasing Specialist Ext: 25
Officer Johnston Bangor PD Liaison
Finance & Section 8
Eric MacDonald Director of Finance & Section 8 Ext: 17
Lisa Curtis Bookkeeper Ext: 23
Debbie Risinger Administrative Assistant Ext: 27
Jennifer Holt Program Officer ( A-K ) Ext: 15
Diana Noyes Program Officer ( L-Z ) Ext: 44
Tommy Lyons Housing Inspector Ext: 21
Resident Services
Elizabeth Marsh Director of Resident Services Ext: 47
Renee Butler Resident Services Manager Ext: 40
Robyn Brochu Family Achievement Coach Ext: 38
Heather Higgins Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 33
Michael Watters Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 14
Bob Rhodes Jr. Director of Construction and Asset Management Ext: 57
Jim Brochu Director of Maintenance Ext: 61
Shane Vanidestine Project Coordinator Ext: 56
Michael Trask Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 59
Nevin Williams Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 62
Dave Vachon Procurement Specialist Ext: 58
Board of Commissioners
Richard Laferte, NCC Board Chair
Charles Boothby Vice Chair
Paul Chaiken, NCC Commissioner
Frances Loring, NCC Commissioner
Francis Leen Commissioner
Awa Conteh Resident Commissioner
Christal Curtis Resident Commissioner