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Our Team

Michael Myatt Executive Director
Joseph Bethony General Counsel Ext: 26
Charles Lever IV IT & Marketing Manager Ext: 24
Angela McCluskey Administrative Manager Ext: 48
Morgan Sickles Administrative Assistant Ext: 11
Property Management
Melissa Rhodes Director of Property Management Ext: 43
Joe Knox Property Manager Ext: 13
Alexis Dunham Property Management Assistant Ext: 46
Susan D'Alessandro Property Management Assistant Ext: 16
G Sawtelle Property Management Assistant Ext: 42
Chelsea Coleman Property Management Assistant Ext: 22
Jennifer Vanidestine Leasing Specialist Ext: 25
Officer Rusby Bangor PD Liaison
Voucher Programs
Donna Peirce Director of Voucher Programs Ext: 18
Jennifer Holt Program Officer Ext: 15
Tommy Lyons Housing Inspector Ext: 21
Eric MacDonald Director of Finance Ext: 17
Finance Bookkeeper Ext: 23
Resident Services
Elizabeth Marsh Director of Resident Services Ext: 47
Renee Lyons Resident Services Manager Ext: 40
Robyn Brochu Family Achievement Coach Ext: 38
Heather Higgins Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 33
Michael Watters Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 14
Matt Clark Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 19
Bob Rhodes Jr. Director of Construction and Asset Management Ext: 57
Jim Brochu Director of Maintenance Ext: 61
Shane Vanidestine Project Coordinator Ext: 56
Nevin Williams Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 62
Mike McPhee Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 20
Dave Bryant Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 59
Michael Trask Procurement Specialist Ext: 58
Board of Commissioners
Richard Laferte, NCC Board Chair
Charles Boothby Commissioner
Paul Chaiken, NCC Commissioner
Katelyn Michaud Commissioner
Francis Leen Commissioner
Awa Conteh Resident Commissioner
Christal Curtis Vice Chair / Resident Commissioner